Great ways with goji’s

These bright red, dried berries are known for their content of beta-carotene. They can easily be added to sweet or savoury dishes. Here are a few delicious ways to include goji berries in your daily diet:

  • Add to toasted granola, raw muesli or cooked porridge.

  • Add dried or soaked to your favourite smoothie recipe.

  • Soak in hot water for a few minutes until softened and fold into spiced rice or other cooked grains, e.g. quinoa or buckwheat.

  • Sprinkle over salads to add colour and flavour.

  • Allow a few goji berries to steep in herbal tea for a few minutes. Strain out the berries and enjoy the goji tea.

  • Use as a substitute for raisins in recipes, such as bread, muffins, scones and biscuits.

  • Add to ice-cream for a gourmet taste and chewy texture.

  • Enjoy in a trail mix, together with nuts, seeds and other dried fruit.

  • Can be added to soups or stews, as it has a subtle sundried tomato flavour.