Health Connection:  Sustainable Wellbeing

Founded in 1995, Health Connection is a purveyor of high quality, sustainably sourced health food products. Our products help people become the best version of themselves, and we aim to make this choice accessible and affordable for everyone. 

Our ranges are primarily plant-based and include superfoods, sugar alternatives, breakfasts, healthy baking, grains, gut-health, gluten-free, protein supplements and more. We cater to people with food allergies and intolerances, and anyone who wants to eat in a way that is kind to their bodies and the environment.

OUR MISSION: To help South African consumers stay healthy by providing the very best quality health foods and supplements at affordable prices, and delighting them with excellent service. 


We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients and so we work hard in other areas to keep our prices fair. Through smart buying, sourcing, operations and logistics we are able to offer premium products to you at more accessible prices than many of our competitors.


We strive to do business in a socially responsible manner; we employ from the community within which we operate; we recycle all raw material packaging; we harvest rainwater; power our factory using solar panels, and are continuously looking for new and better ways to package our products.   

Quality & Safety

Impeccable food safety practices and quality standards are at the core of everything we do. We research and source only the most premium ingredients and we are audited annually, have a dedicated full-time food safety team and hold a valid FSSC 22000 certificate.

Wide Range

We have a comprehensive range of products to meet your healthy eating needs. Whether you’re an athlete, vegan, health foodie, wheat/gluten intolerant or just looking to make better food choices, we have top quality products for you at affordable prices.


We only buy from suppliers who have appropriate food safety programs and certifications in place and we have a supplier audit programme to ensure compliance.

We also visit our international suppliers in countries like Peru, India, Sri Lanka and China to meet the farmers and check the processing facilities meet our standards.