Benefits of Green Smoothies

One of the challenges of the ‘modern diet’ is that people tend to eat too much food that is low in nutrients, which can result in being overweight, but under nourished! Adding green vegetables (such as spinach, celery, lettuce, cucumber) to a smoothie is a convenient and tasty way of including these nutrient dense foods in your diet. Fresh fruit can be added for extra colour, flavour and energy.

These are a few reasons why you should try green smoothies:

  1. They are a convenient way of reaching your intake of at least five fruit and vegetables per day.

  2. You can still enjoy the benefit of the fibre in the fruit and vegetables as opposed to drinking fruit or vegetable juices.

  3. They are a great way of getting kids to “eat” their vegetables.

  4. They can be useful if trying to lose weight as they are often low in energy (depending on the content of vegetables, as these are lower in energy than fruit) but filling due to the amount of fibre and water they contain.

  5. Green smoothies are quicker and easier to consume than the whole fruit and vegetables they are made from, as they do not require cooking or chewing.

  6. They provide a great source of hydration and a way of including water in your diet, as green smoothies require the addition of water.