Spotlight on Rice Milk Plus

Our Rice Milk Plus a milk alternative that is both lactose and dairy free. It can be used in hot or cold drinks, smoothies, cereal or in cooking or baking. It is free of any common allergens and is therefore also suitable for children who are allergic to soya and milk. These are a few other great reasons to try this product:

Rice Milk Plus has the following attributes:

  • Casein-free; therefore suitable for a milk-free and vegan diet

  • Fat-free and sugar-free

  • Sweetened with stevia

  • No added colouring

  • Mild, vanilla flavour

  • Provides 10% of the daily requirement for calcium per serving (1 cup, reconstituted

TIP: Once reconstituted, it may settle on standing, which will require further shaking or stirring.


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