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Chickpea Flour 500g (Recipes on pack)

Chickpea flour is naturally high in fibre and suitable as part of a low carbohydrate diet. We now have two great recipes on the back of our pack of Chickpea Flour – Oat Muffins and Buckwheat Pancakes. These recipes have been adapted from the Naturally Nutritious Wholefood Cookbook, by Heidi du Preez & Karen Werge Tilney.

Teff Grain 500g (NEW)

This naturally gluten-free ancient grain originates from Ethiopia and is one of the earliest crops cultivated for food. The tiny grains have a mild, nutty flavour and slightly crunchy texture once cooked. It is naturally high in fibre and a source of iron and magnesium. It is also a complete protein, like quinoa and buckwheat. It is delicious cooked as porridge or as an alternative to polenta or couscous.