We have a wide range of superfoods which are high in antioxidants, have no added sugar and can be added to food or smoothies. Including more of these products in your diet can increase your intake of important anti-oxidants.

We have some useful information about these superfoods along with tasty recipes with superfood ingredients.


Product Benefits Uses
Barley grass powder, organic 150gWheat grass powder, organic 150g No additives; Source of folic acid; High in fibre; Naturally gluten-free Add to fruit juice, smoothies and salad dressings.
Spirulina powder 250g Non-irradiated; High in protein, iodine and Vitamin B6 Add to fruit juice or smoothies. Sprinkle over salads or cooked food.
Cocoa powder, organic 250g High in fibre Ideal for making hot chocolate. Use as a flavouring in cooking or baking
Cinnamon powder 100g Non-irradiated; Ceylon Cinnamon Use as a spice in savoury or sweet dishes. Sprinkle into smoothies, hot drinks, cereals or porridge.
Turmeric powder 100g Non-irradiated Use as a flavouring in curries, stews, soups and salads. Add to eggs, rice, roast vegetables and smoothies.
Green tea, loose 100g Energy-free Makes a refreshing tea (without milk). Can also be used to make ice tea.
Chia seeds 200g High in fibre, omega-3 fatty acids and energy Use whole / ground in smoothies, salads, cereal, yoghurt or stews. Can also be taken as a gel or used in baking.
Goji berries 100g; 250g Sun-dried; No additives; high in fibre Enjoy as a snack or added to a trail mix. Add to cereal, salads and smoothies or use in baking.
Apricot kernels 100g Raw; No additives Chop / grind and sprinkle into food or fruit juice. Alternatively take with a teaspoon of honey / syrup.

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