10 Awesome ways with oats

  1. Make homemade granola

  2. For an instant breakfast: Mix raw oats, plain yoghurt, grated apple and a pinch of cinnamon and leave to combine overnight in the fridge. Oats will soften well. Just add a drizzle of honey in the morning and enjoy!

  3. Use oat flour in cooking and baking – high in fibre and easy to use. Replace up to half regular flour with oat flour. You can also replace up to ½ of the flour required in baking, with rolled oats (e.g. in muffins and pancakes)

  4. As an alternative to breadcrumbs to coat chicken or fish

  5. Sprinkle in yoghurt for a snack

  6. Add to a Waldorf salad (i.e. mixture of apple, walnuts, celery and mayonnaise / plain yoghurt)

  7. Pan-sear cooked oats and enjoy topped with syrup and chopped fruit

  8. Thicken smoothies (also great in green smoothies)

  9. Use in mince dishes (use up to 100g oats for every 500g mince). It will help bind the meatballs while adding fibre and using less minces means less saturated fat, e.g. cottage pie or meat balls

  10. Use in a crumble topping for baked fruit desserts

Comment: Replace regular oats with gluten-free oats if you are gluten intolerant