Super Green Smoothie

Get long-lasting energy and hydration with this pre-workout smoothie. It’s got a mix of carbs, healthy fats, protein and natural fruit sugars to keep you going all session long. Feel free to adjust the quantities depending on the length and intensity of the workout up ahead! Ingredients: 
  • Big handful of spinach (or 1 tbsp HCW Leafy Green Superfood Mix)
  • 1/4  avocado
  • 1 large frozen banana (or 2 x small/medium ones)
  • 2 heaped tbsp HCW Collagen Powder
  • 300ml milk of choice
  • 150ml water
Method:  The night before….
  1. Peel your banana, peel your avo and place both in a container or ziplock bag.
  2. Place them in the freezer and freeze overnight.
* Freezing your fruit is optional, but will result in a creamier, more refreshing smoothie in the morning. In the morning…
  1. Place the frozen banana, frozen avo and all other listed ingredients in a blender and blend on high. If you need more liquid, add extra milk or filtered water.
  2. Pour into a bowl or glass, add toppings of your choice (chia seeds or Hemp Seed Granola work well) and serve cold.
**Pro tip: For an even thicker smoothie, freeze the milk and water required for this recipe in an ice tray the night before.