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  1. Hi
    Not a comment but questions.
    I would appreciate if you can send me feed back.
    I bought your Product, Cacao Powder, Country Peru, Certified Organic, at Dischem, Olumpus, Faerie Glen.

    I am interested in the process the beans go through, once picked , until the time we buy it in a shop as a powder. One specific bit of information I need is, whether the beans are naturally sundried to keep its natural goodness, or are the beans roasted?

    I also want to know if you only use cacao from Peru, and is it packed in a warehouse in Peru?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Serha!

      Thanks for the question! Here’s some more info on the journey our Cacao Powder takes before it ends up in your home:

      The beans are picked from cacao forests in the Amazon region in Peru, they’re then sorted for quality, washed and air-dried (never roasted).

      Once they’re dry, they get dehusked and ground up into a fine powder. After they’ve passed some final quality checks (where they are tested for any heavy metals and other contaminants), the pure cacao powder is sent to us at Health Connection and we pack it in our warehouse here.

      Health Connection Cacao Powder is comprised of 100% raw cacao beans. It’s also GMO-free and 100% natural (no chemical additives).

      I hope you’re enjoying your cacao powder! Congratulations on a great choice.

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