Questions answered about our lactose-free milk powders

Our lactose-free milk powders can be enjoyed as a milk alternative in drinks and cereal or in cooking and baking. They all contain 128mg calcium (10% of the daily requirement) per serving (i.e. 1 cup, reconstituted). These are a few common questions answered about them:

1. Question: Do they contain any genetically modified ingredients?
Answer: No, any maize or soya ingredients that they contain are certified to be GMO-free.

2. Question: Do any of the milk powders contain gluten?
Answer: Only our Oat Milk Powder contains gluten. Rice, soya and quinoa milk powders do not contain any gluten.

3. Question: Are any suitable for vegans and individuals with a cow’s milk allergy? Answer: Yes, our Rice Milk Plus does not contain casein (milk protein) and is therefore suitable for vegans. It has also been laboratory tested to be milk-free and suitable for individuals with a milk allergy.

4. Question: Are they suitable for infants and children?
Answer: They are not intended for infant feeding but can be added to food from the age of 10 months. They can be used as a drink from the age of 1 year. The content of calcium is slightly lower than that of cow’s milk; therefore, additional calcium sources or a calcium supplement may be required.