Whey to go

Complete protein can mainly be found in animal products such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs and milk. Protein is important for growth and a strong immune system. If you or your kids don’t enjoy these high protein products, you can add protein to your diet with protein supplements. We have both milk and soya based protein powders that contain complete protein.

Fussy eaters or children who are eating vegetarian diets may benefit from using protein supplements. Children require approximately 1 g protein per kg body weight; therefore, they need less protein than adults.

These are a few ways of using our protein powders:

  1. Add to smoothies, milk or yoghurt

  2. Mix into cereal or porridge

  3. Stir into soups or stews after cooking

  4. Add to mashed potato and mashed vegetables

  5. Stir into smooth desserts, e.g. custard

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