5 Tasty ways of using Just Protein

Our Just Protein (soya protein isolate) is a protein powder consisting of 84% protein. It is GMO-free, low in fat and carbohydrate and has no added sugar or flavouring. It can be added to smoothies, soya milk, soya yoghurt or soups and stews. The following are a few more great ideas of how to use it:

  1. Add to fruit and vegetable smoothies for extra protein

  2. Use in baking to add extra protein and lower the glycaemic index of baked goods (e.g. pancakes and muffins)

  3. Make hot chocolate with a milk substitute (e.g. almond milk or Health Connection’s Rice Milk Plus), cocoa powder, vanilla extract and Just Protein. Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy hot or cold.

  4. Mix Just Protein with peanut butter and use as a dip for sliced fruit.

  5. Add to cooked oats with cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh fruit.

Sufficient complete protein intake is important for your immune system as well as brain and muscle function. Two tablespoons of Just Protein provides 8g protein, which is 15% of your daily requirement for protein.

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