We have a winner!

“We have chosen the best three smoothie recipes; which we will be announcing over the next few days. Each of the winners will receive a parcel of Health Connection products which can be used in smoothies. The overall winner will also receive a blender. We shall announce the overall winner on Thursday. We have calculated the nutritional content per serving size and will give feedback about why we like each of them. We based our opinion on the taste, texture, appearance and nutritional content of the smoothie.”


Congratulations to our first winner, Celeste Browne, who sent us this great recipe:


Peanut butter Blast (serves 2)
2 bananas (frozen)
1 cup low-fat plain yoghurt
¼ cup 2% milk
1 tablespoons honey
¼ cup HCW Rolled Oats
½ tablespoon peanut butter
Pinch of HCW Cinnamon Powder
Pinch of nutmeg
1 tablespoons HCW Seedless Raisins


We enjoyed the smooth texture and nutty taste of this smoothie. It has an interesting, mottled appearance from the raisins in it. We reduced the amount of peanut butter used slightly as it provides quite a strong taste. We also reduced the amount of honey used as the bananas give it enough sweetness. This recipe is the highest in energy out of the winning recipes and can be used as a breakfast smoothie or as an energy replacement after exercise. The nutritional content per serving is: 1157kJ, 35g carbohydrate, 11.2g protein, 8.5g fat and 3.5g fibre.